May, 2011 - Please remember that this site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Most of the thoughts, proofs, studies, and expositions are very much a work in progress. This site is currently being used as a place to gather information, formulate thoughts and conclusions, and the ordering/layout of the information presented is in it's infancy. You are welcome to peruse, just be warned: At present very little of the content here is even close to completion. Many of the facts presented have not been verified for validity or accuracy. Information and conclusions here may not be accurate or complete.

The majority of the studies and scripture presented on this site disagree completely with Mr. Camping's judgement day and end of the world timelines, disagree with his method of interpreting scripture, and disagree with the premise that a person can ever know in advance when the judgment or end of world may come.

If you see any errors, or have any comments or attitional information, feel free to use the comments form at the bottom of each page.